Why you should use Brave Browser

Mario Gunawan
3 min readAug 11, 2022

If you are browsing the internet right now, you are probably using google chrome, safari, or mozilla. You have probably never heard or think of brave, whether you should use it or not. Here are 4 reasons you might want to move to brave instead of other web browsers

It runs on Chromium and Webkit

Chromium is one of the project maintained by google and other developers that can be used by windows and other platforms except iOS. It is an open source project, meaning that everyone can use it and build a web browser based on it. Because brave browser’s backbone is chromium, it uses the latest technologies, such as blink rendering engine and V8 javascript engine.

On iOS, brave runs on webkit, a technology that requires to be used by apple app store, which has some advantages and disadvantages over chromium, but both supports the latest browser features one have to offer.

While it might not be an advantage to the browsers that already uses webkit or chromium, such as Google Chrome or Safari, this gives brave some advantage over browsers like mozilla firefox. Using chromium / webkit gives advantages like more supported CSS features, more trustable security, easier to switch between browsers, easier to use existing chromium extension, etc.

It focuses on User Privacy

We usually prefers to keep our data secures and that is one of the core mission that Brave presents at its website. Brave gives out a lot in terms of privacy, here are some privacy features that brave supports:

  1. Disables Tracking
    It could disable tracking to google scripts by removing our IP address and it also uses safe browsing features by chromium so it also blocks malicious websites
  2. Does not Store User Data
    Brave does not collect user data when a user is browsing the web. This means that your browsing history, your private IP, your behavior while surfing the web is safe in Brave’s hand. The company differs from chrome where the latter collects user history by default and stores it.

Blocks Advertisements

Brave also blocks advertisements that are potentially malicious to user. It means that the advertisements that we usually receive on a not-so-trusted website will also be blocked. This is a much safer for users that are not that experienced in surfing the web since it blocks a lot of ads by default.

It is Fast

Brave default ad-blocking feature makes it one of the fastest chromium-based website around. In desktop version, brave is 3 times faster than google chrome, the most used browser in the world. In this video, Play4Tech tested brave against four other popular browsers to load some of the most prominent web sites. The result of most of the speed test is brave is the clear winner where some sites even loads 1.5 times faster than the second-runner.

Brave also have a lot of other security features that you can read in their main wabsite. The web browser UI is also very modern and easy to use. In conclusion, if you have a lot of memory left in your computer, why not try and install the brave web browser and tests its capability?



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